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Sunday, November 27, 2011

i didn't do that well in trig.

i thought that the ups and downs were just for before.
but there are ups and downs now too.
i fucked up.
i broke the up.
god, i hope that the down doesn't plunge so low.
i'll climb like an animal to get back up again though.
but only the right way - i wont cut corners.
just because its up and down doesn't mean that its left and right.
we won't go back. only forward.
but now... i want the high of yesterday to return - for you too.
why we're down here; well, i'll leave that in the past. its so much better that way.
i had to bring it to the surface so that i can finally lock it up and keep it back there.
if you'll only help us climb, i promise it'll get better now.
the road ahead looks a lot steadier.
the y coordinates are gonna just keep increasing as the x values keep going.
and they seem [as i hope they will] to go on forever.

i love you. i broke the up, but i won't break us.

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