hi. pull up a chair.

& let the love out.


smile a little.

a list of my thoughts and unthoughts as they come forward.

i think dogs are better than cats (except for Simba).

i think sometimes it's ok to say "fuck off."
i think you should just live and let live.
i think i need a hug from you. (and a forehead kiss please.)
i think boys kinda suck.
i think i'd fancy a candlelit dinner.
i think we should talk more.
i think we should go to a festival.
i think i deserve a massage.
i think you need to be polite.
i think you should come over.
i think i'm changing into something new.

i think people are prettier when they smile.
i think my smile is slightly crooked.

i think that we're meant to be 
and that we're
imperfectly perfect for each other.

i think this moment would be better spent with you.
i think we're better at it together.

i think photo booth is addicting.

i think there should be more love.
i think i've been inspired.
i don't think it's a coincidence.
i don't think people need to try so hard.

i think it'd be fun to have fun again.

i think it's ok to disappear in love.
i think clever advertising is clever.
i think its important to do everything for a kiss.
i think i miss the feeling of ballet.
i think we should play.
i think we should be together.
i think its better natural.

 i think i need a good view.
i think i will always miss the rain.
i think James dean is dreamy.
i think we all need more sunflowers.
i think we should take the next train out of here.

i think i need to begin.
i think i should have a dinner party.
i think i should cook more.
i don't think i should wait anymore.

i think i need to buy more flannels.

i think i should get to work.
i don't think i should say how much i miss the way you call me "baby."
i think i should stay off facebook.
i don't think i should feel this way.
i think i love you.
i don't think unrequited love is romantic; it sucks.
i think i need a break.

i think i'd like to dance with you.

i think i'd like to go to Denmark.
i think i'd like to adopt a panda.
i think i need some new vans.
i think i like leftover pizza
more than the fresh stuff.
i think i need to learn to like beer.
i think i need to take more pictures.
i think i need to break more rules.
i think i need to read more.
i think i should eat more fruit.
i think i own a lot of pink.
i think we should go backpacking.
i think i need to stop.


i think i need to get out more.