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Thursday, November 4, 2010


no new pictures. there isn't enough light to get a good one and the flash is faulty. no film either... the memory card is full to the max and i cant delete anything. they're all really important, you see. i gotta get it fixed but it might take a long time. lets wait till the end of the semester. it should be fixed by then... in theory. there's no way to really tell, there's only time. i still have my camera, i'm not gonna get rid of it. don't you worry. i just have to wait. we all just have to wait. it'll come back though. i believe it will. until then, lets find something else together. lets create the memories in our heads. lets remember it all from before the pictures all started. i don't want to forget the pictures, don't get me wrong. but its broken, the camera is broken. so we gotta make the most of it until its repaired again. who's with me? i know you are. lets go.

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