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Friday, June 4, 2010

mehul (MEH-hool)- meaning: rain

"The rain was exciting,
refreshing and beautiful. It washed away the negative entities of the earth, the ones that man has left to fester and those of the broken soul. That’s what it was for her, it was cleansing. There was so much comfort to be gathered just from the sound it made tapping on the windows outside, inviting her out to play. And the actual feeling of it falling from the sky onto her skin- reassurance that she was still alive. It could be dangerous, but there’s risk in all things in life, and this risk could end up in fulfillment of dreams.

Because there he was standing there; no hood, no umbrella, nothing. He acted as if he wasn't getting soaked from head to toe in this soon-to-be magnificent storm.

He just wanted her. She could feel it when he stared. In that one look he offered her all the love, warmth, and patience she could ever hope to receive in this often too cold world. He was ready to give her everything and seemed set on waiting for her response. Like the rain, he too made her feel alive and welcome and loved.

'It could be dangerous,' she thought. 'But
there’s risk in all things in life...'

She was ready."

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