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Friday, June 11, 2010

a fairy tale.

There was a prince and princess who were very much in love
One day, the princess was stolen away by the evil puppet, Pinocchio.
The prince needed to get his love back, but didn’t know where she was.
He asked the wise thunderbird, guardian of truth, where he could find his love.
He told him that the princess was locked up in the highest tower of evil Pinocchio’s castle.
In order to win her back, he must seek out the three wise green guardians.

Guardian Pony bestowed upon him the shield of courage.
Guardian Moose bestowed upon him the sword of strength.
Guardian Bear bestowed upon him the protection of love.

He gathered his gifts and battled the many waters of the sea
And cut through the great forests of the mighty flowers.
There was Pinocchio’s castle and protecting it was a great dragon.
The Prince threw the evil puppet into the fire of the dragon and with the gifts from the guardians and with the love in his heart, he slew the dragon, defeating the evil Pinocchio.
He climbed the tower and kissed his princess.

There was a great celebration throughout the village and everyone rejoiced.
And the prince and princess lived happily ever after.

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