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Saturday, May 8, 2010

you should probably know...

if there is anything to know about a person, try to get a chance to know what's in their heart. i said what i love, but there is this one particularly large spot in my heart reserved for a particular sort of boy.

this boy is pretty spectacular. he listens. he doesnt judge. he loves. he's a nerd. he lets me complain. he smiles. he dances (when no one else is around). he makes up terrible knock knock jokes. he skates. he's a dodger fan. he tells me i'm beautiful. he likes turtles. he takes me to disneyland. he still likes pokemon. he loves his family. he loves art in all forms. he calls just to say i love you. he tells me everything i need to know about the lakers. he kisses my hand. he sends me flowers. he gives me butterflies. and, he's perfect. ♥

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