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Saturday, May 8, 2010

...just a thought.

my dad said something very interesting today. while discussing the pollutants that are emitted from cars and trucks, we started talking about alternate sources of fuel. He said that oil cant be the only option for transportation. He made a very good point by saying that with the growing technology that we have today, we should be driving something much more efficient and different than just normal oil burning cars, maybe even anti gravity hover cars...

this really made me think. i know that the government and the media control so much of what and how people think about things, but how much of our lives do they control without us even knowing? They are already cheating, stealing, and brainwashing so many people around the world into believing that unimportant material things are the center of life. But they also suppressing so much positive potential that this world and its people have to offer because it isnt beneficial to them. Of course, i'm sure that this was already so obvious to many others, but its suddenly opened up a whole new course of thinking for me...

humans have amazing potential to do amazing things. if the government was legit- if they really cared about the well being of man and all the beautiful creatures on this earth and really worked for world peace, instead of keeping its big foot over, trying to maintain "order," what WOULD this world be like?

in my perfect world, people would be more in tune with the earth, their spirits, and the nature of love. this is asking a lot. at least, it is with how the world is right now. - but how much closer would we be if our governments were really working towards this goal instead of their own agendas?

i hope that someday, people will open their eyes to this, and listen what their hearts and the earth is telling them. it isnt about money, labels, oil, and status. its about loving one another, the lord, and the earth. if any one person can understand the feeling of love, there is still hope out there.

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