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smile a little.

Friday, April 20, 2012

i am my own prince charming.

i've always believed in fairy tales.

a life with hardships but with a positive character to sing her way through them.
adventures of excitement & fun; creating the best memories.
and when they least expect it, a charming man to sweep them off their feet.

the only difference is of course, when he finds me
i won't be helplessly locked in a tower.
or  at the clutches of an evil witch/stepmother/dragon.

i can handle all of that myself.

i'll probably be tripping over my feet
or sneezing in my chai latte.

but i am in no hurry.
i have many a chai to sneeze in
and many dragons to fight off
before i can be swept anywhere.

and besides, i need my feet.
how else will i pirouette?


  1. You blog in its totality reminds me of the girl version of "How I met your Mother(Father)."


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