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Wednesday, March 14, 2012


dear eddie,

i think of you and miss you every single day. but the fact that you aren't here is once again forced in my face; 5 years later.

you didn't want to take me home from the hospital and you told me the mud was quicksand.

you made me be the robber when i wanted to be the cop and you told me that the house on the mountain was haunted and would move every time i looked at it.

you told me i was a goober and that i absolutely HAD to marry you.

But, when something broke upstairs, we both agreed and firmly said that "nobody did it."

when i wanted to climb the trees even though my mom said no, you'd keep the secret for me.

and when i told you that i got accepted into college, you were the first to hug me.

and i know that when i tell you about what i want in life, or that i'm worried, or that i'm happy, or that i'm in love - you still hear me and smile.

I love you so much ed - way too much to ever say goodbye.

and i miss you everyday... but you already know that.
stay close.

<3, the goober.

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  1. It's scary how much we miss things and people sometimes....


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